How Much Does It Cost?

Every paper is different, but usually it costs about 12.9 cents per word. Here are some examples:

  • TRIAL discount for new customers (175 words): $15
  • 500 Words: $59-69
  • 3 Pages, Double-Spaced: $116
  • Most Popular: Work with us for 10 weeks at a rate of $193 per week and we’ll provide 15,000 words
  • To Begin: request a 150-word trial ($15), so you can see the writing style and decide if you want to have CollegePaperPro write your entire paper
  • Contact us with questions about your Paper, Essay, Presentation, Literature Review, Discussion Posts or Dissertation for your any of your classes. No obligation – we’re glad to connect with you and exchange some emails.

Note: We can offer ideas or refer you to a writer whose specialization is aligned with your field of study if you’d like to show us something you’ve written, or send some instructions to write something for you.

At the same cost, we network with many experts from many academic disciplines, so we can help with almost any project: English, History, Biology, Business, Psychology, IT & Computer Science, Social Science, Art/Design, Law, Organizational Leadership, Public Administration, and even some of the ‘hard’ sciences. We can write about specific business concepts, including: Strategic Management, Marketing, Economics, Leadership Theory, Corporate Social Responsibility, Management Studies, International Business, Global HRM, Internet Marketing, Intellectual Property Law, and many others.